Alexa will soon be able to speak both Spanish and Italian, as Amazon has confirmed that a launch for the voice assistant in Spain and Italy is on the cards for later this year. The online retailer has yet to confirm exactly when this year users can expect to start barking orders at Alexa, but when the roll-out does begin, it won’t just be the Amazon Echo that is supported.

Third-party support for the Alexa voice assistant is already widespread, with devices such as the Sonos One and Sonos Soundbase boasting better sound quality than first-party Echo devices. Those same devices will also be swinging their way to Spain and Italy, while Bose has also confirmed that it will be bringing Alexa-enabled products to the region.

Amazon has only just rolled out the Alexa voice assistant to France, but the company is clearly keen on conquering Europe. Unfortunately, Amazon has been beaten to the punch, as the Google Home and Google Home Mini is available in both Spain and Italy. Conveniently, the Spanish launched occurred just yesterday.

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