Zuma has unveiled the Smart Bezel Voice, the newest addition to its Lumisonic product line, which has been designed to redefine the way users interact with their lighting and sound by integrating invisible voice control technology.

The Smart Bezel Voice is designed to enhance the ambience and hands-free functionality of living spaces via Amazon Alexa voice assistance. By incorporating far-field microphones and echo cancellation technology, the Smart Bezel Voice is designed to ensure clear voice recognition, even in dynamic acoustic environments. 

Incorporating the Smart Bezel Voice into a home couldn’t be simpler. With no need for complex installations, users can swap the existing Lumisonic bezel for the Smart Bezel Voice in a matter of seconds. Once this installation process is completed, users can start enjoying whole-home voice control immediately. 

The Smart Bezel Voice is the first step in the company’s Smart Bezel series, which delivers on Zuma’s mission to liberate homes from cables, clutter and complicated smart home systems, whilst bringing well-being into the heart of the home.

Speaking on the launch, Morten Warren, Zuma Founder and CEO, says: “Alongside Zuma’s existing high-fidelity sound and LED lighting capabilities, this new invisible ceiling technology becomes part of the very fabric of a room. Striving for simplicity and ease of use, seeking calmer and more luxurious experiences with technology, our focus with this launch is to combine elegant living with intuitive product interaction and services. Smart Bezel Voice is a game changer for the smart home residential market.”

Only one Smart Bezel Voice is required per room. Available in Square and Round models, it can be added to any existing Zuma area via a simple magnetic attachment. 

The Zuma Smart Bezel Voice will be available in the UK from September 12 2023 with a recommended retail price of £149.99, offered separately from the Zuma Lumisonic system.

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