PIEGA Ace Wireless Launches

PIEGA introduces WiSA certified active, networked loudspeaker range for wireless stereo to 7.1 multichannel applications. 

Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer, PIEGA, has launched the Ace Wireless series – a stylish, WiSA-certified active loudspeaker line-up for sophisticated, cutting-edge home audio.

A year on from the launch of the successful Ace passive loudspeaker range, Swiss premium audio brand PIEGA has launched Ace Wireless.

The WiSA Certified Ace Wireless series is a range of compact, fully integrated active loudspeakers with ‘state-of-the-art’ design and wireless sound from stereo up to 7.1 channel. The series incorporates PIEGA’s signature aluminium cabinets and AMT ribbon tweeters alongside TV integration (HDMI eARC, optical, coaxial, WiSA) and built-in streaming clients including Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, Google Chromecast as well as Bluetooth.

Based on PIEGA’s original Ace series’ extruded aluminium cabinets, the industrial design is by leading Swiss architect, Stephan Hürlemann. The new Ace Wireless incorporates upgraded mid and bass MDS drivers, a revised version of PIEGA’s Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter, digital amplification up to 200W per channel, streaming services, and a sophisticated DSP system capable of handling up to 24bit/192kHz High-Res Audio.

The system offers wide-ranging connectivity both wirelessly via WiSA or Bluetooth, and wired via HDMI, optical or coaxial. It is DLNA certified and offers analogue connectivity for legacy audio products. Ace Wireless is Roon Ready and integrates Spotify Connect & HiFi and Google Chromecast. The built-in DSP system features switchable boundary gain compensation.

Manuel Griener, CEO of PIEGA in Zurich, says, “The Ace Wireless series brings cutting edge digital technology and active amplification to our most stylish and contemporary loudspeaker range. Delivering the largest sound from the smallest practical cabinets, Ace Wireless makes audiophile sound quality simple, intuitive, and elegant, whether you want breath-taking two-channel stereo music or the excitement of 7.1 channel movie surround sound. Ace Wireless puts PIEGA at the forefront of digital home audio loudspeaker integration.”

The Detail

The series comprises the Ace 50 Wireless floor-standing speakers, Ace 30 Wireless bookshelf units, and the Ace Center Wireless centre channel model. All models are available in three colour finishes of sandblasted natural aluminium, anodised satin black or gloss white lacquer with colour coordinated, removable grilles. The Ace 50 and 30 Wireless models are available in TX (transmission) and RX (receiver) versions, a stereo pair being one of each unit. Multichannel systems use all RX designated units and receive the surround sound signal for each channel from a WiSA certified source or WiSA enabled TV/display device.

Tony Ostrom, WiSA President, comments, “PIEGA continues to deliver expertly handcrafted loudspeakers to the consumer electronics market, including the latest Ace Wireless series. The system is the perfect example of seamless TV and loudspeaker integration as the Ace Wireless speakers can be connected wirelessly to any WiSA Certified product to deliver excellent sound. The Swiss brand’s commitment to quality remains at the forefront of all that they do and is evident when experiencing their loudspeaker’s award-winning sound.”

The range in available in the UK from late February.

Ace Wireless in detail with prices

A set of Ace Wireless loudspeakers for stereo music consists of one Tx and one Rx speaker. The Tx (Transmitter) sends music, in lossless hi-res quality, wirelessly to one or more Rx speakers (Receiver). A wireless multichannel system would consist solely of Rx speakers as a WiSA-certified component (e.g. TV) would act as the signal decoder (e.g. Dolby, DTS etc.) and transmission hub to the Ace Wireless loudspeakers.

NOTE: As different combinations of TX and RX models are required for different configurations, the speakers are available and priced individually.

Ace 30 Wireless

TX – £1090.00 each (Aluminum) / £1140.00 each (Black Anodised / White Gloss)

RX – £900.00 each (Aluminum) / £950.00 each (Black Anodised / White Gloss)

The ‘bookshelf’ Ace 30 Wireless is a compact stand mount, 2-way loudspeaker, featuring a 120mm MDS mid/bass driver and an Air Motion Transformer ribbon tweeter. Powered by a 100W amplifier, the Ace 30’s DSP delivers remarkably deep bass and even frequency response (35Hz-25kHz) across the audio band, despite its small cabinet volume.

Ace 50 Wireless

TX – £2090.00 each (Aluminum) / £2140.00 each (Black Anodised / White Gloss)

RX – £1900.00 each  (Aluminum) / £1950.00 each (Black Anodised / White Gloss)

The 105cm tall, slim and elegant Ace 50 Wireless floorstanding loudspeakers are a 3-way design featuring 4 x 120mm MDS bass drivers, 1 x MDS mid-range unit and an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) ribbon tweeter. Powered by a potent 200W amplifier, the Ace 50 Wireless brings large-speaker scale (30Hz-25kHz) and dynamics to the Ace Wireless range, offering a sound far larger and more robust than the slim cabinets would suggest. Ideal as a fuss-free stereo pair without any traditional source hardware required, the Ace 50 Wireless offers audiophile quality sound combined with sumptuous aesthetics.

Ace Center Wireless

RX – £1990 each (Aluminum) / £1040.00 each (Black Anodised / White Gloss)

The 2-way center channel loudspeaker features a 100W amplifier driving 2 x 12cm MDS mid/bass drivers and PIEGA’s AMT ribbon tweeter. Functionality and connectivity are identical to the Ace 50 Wireless RX.

Ace Wireless Accessories

Stand for Ace 30 Wireless  – £160 each (Aluminum)

Ball Joint Wall Bracket for Ace 30 Wireless – £100.00 each (Machined Aluminum)

Wall Bracket for Ace Center Wireless – £70.00 each (Aluminum / Black / White)

Center Stand for Ace Center Wireless – £50.00 each (Black)


Connectivity includes Wi-Fi with external antenna, WiSA, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless, Ethernet, HDMI eARC, optical & coaxial S/PDIF and analogue stereo on the TX models. The RX models offer Wi-Fi, WiSA, an analogue mono input and audio in/out through balanced audio via RJ45 connectors. Both versions have switchable wireless functionality, a boundary gain compensation switch and USB firmware/service port.

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