With Netatmo’s Nest Protect competitor having been unveiled late last year, the company has now confirmed that the its Smart Smoke Alarm has hit shelves. What’s more the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm is currently only available via distributor CEF or on the company’s online store.

Like the Nest Protect, the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm provides users with information about the status of their home even when they’re on the other side of the planet. If smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm will send a notification to the user’s phone, allowing them to act if necessary. It will also tell the user exactly which room the smoke or CO is detected in, provided that a Smart Smoke Alarm is installed in that room.

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm is only available in one variant – a battery operated model. That’s unlike the Nest Protect, which can be both wired or battery operated. Netatmo says that its device promises a 10-year battery life, however, compared to similar battery-operated smoke alarms which last between two and three years.

The RRP of the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm is £89.99.

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