Netatmo is one of the better known smart home manufacturers in the consumer space, but the company is now making in-roads into the B2B market. Teaming up with Exertis, Netatmo products are now being distributed directly into the B2B, mobile and retail channels, which includes the company’s Personal Weather Station, Smart Thermostat, and Welcome indoor security camera.

A number of distributors have been rapidly expanding their smart home offering by including popular IoT devices. This includes the likes of RGB, which launched an entire division dedicated to the Internet of Things to capitalise on the market’s explosive growth. Exertis is just the latest distributor to smarten up its line-up.

Rod Slater, Exertis, head of smart Tech and IoT notes: “Home security and energy have been two of the most influential drivers in the smart home market and have been top of the list for many retailers. The ability to obtain instant monitoring with high quality video direct to a mobile device from a small and convenient smart camera has clear benefits including the opportunity to prevent criminal activity. Saving energy is also top of mind for homeowners.

“Netatmo has added some great features to its security devices and both cameras storage options are subscription free: the cameras store videos locally on an internal microSD card and the users can choose to transfer their films to their Dropbox account or on their personal FTP server. In addition, their energy and environmental products provide information that can help reduce household bills.”

Matthew Broadway, COO of Netatmo adds: “Netatmo is one of the smart home leaders in Europe and we’re thrilled to have Exertis as our distributor. Their leadership in the smart home market as well as their relationships with key partners in both the retail and professional channels make them a great fit for our products.”

It’s not just Netatmo that is gaining Exertis’ attention. The company also recently signed a distribution deal with Yale, with the distributor now set to offer the Smart Living range of smart door locks, smart alarms and smart CCTV systems.

Rod adds: “Security devices continue to be a key driver for growth in the Smart Technology category and Yale is a trusted brand that complements our market leading range of products. Users have the capability to secure and check their home from anywhere, and the convenience of granting access to known individuals – all via their smartphone and the Yale app.”

The Yale Smart Living range is available as standalone products or can be part of a Yale smart home security system incorporating a smart home alarm, home view camera and smart CCTV with built-in night vision infrared LEDs. Yale smart door locks can also integrate with other smart home systems and some are even compatible with the Alexa voice assistant. The new Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock allows users to unlock their front door simply by twisting their phone 90 degrees via its “Twist-and-Go” Bluetooth low energy app. In addition, to a tamper alarm, it also meets PAS24 security standards.

Tabitha Morton, head of integration for Yale comments: “Exertis has established itself as the leading distributor for Smart Tech products and has strong relationships with a wide variety of retailers and installers. They have also demonstrated an innovative go-to-market strategy that has helped retailers to better address consumers and devised new routes to market for manufacturers. We look forward to working with their team at a time when, many analysts believe, the market is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.”

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