It’s already rather easy to control a heating system through services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but sometimes users don’t want to control every room at once. Thankfully, there’s now a solution to that – as Netatmo’s Smart Radiator Valves are now fully compatible with Alexa voice control.

The Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves connect directly to a customer’s radiator and allows users to control their heating on a room-by-room basis. This can be especially useful when there’s a room that is rarely occupied; as a whole-home system like Nest or Hive will still try to heat that room, even when it’s not occupied.

Netatmo estimates that its technology helps homeowners use 37% less energy to heat their home, which makes the cost of installing these smart valves negligible. By adopting Alexa voice control, it’s now easier than ever to make those savings – as users can simply bark orders at an Alexa-enabled device to control the Smart Radiator Valves.

To get started users just need to ask Alexa to change the temperature in any room equipped with Netatmo Valves (“Alexa, set the bathroom temperature to 23 degrees”), increase and decrease it (“Alexa, increase the living room temperature”), and even ask what the temperature of the house is (“Alexa, what is the temperature in the baby’s room?”). The addition of Alexa compatibility adds to the already existing partnerships with Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

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