Those with a Y-cam Protect can now enjoy a little peace of mind, as the complete triple layer smart security system can now be controlled through Amazon’s Alexa.

Using the Y-cam Skill, users can control various functions of their security system using nothing but their voice. That means users can arm and disarm the alarm without having to reach for a mobile app or keypad; all while still remaining secure, thanks to the requirement of a four-digit PIN whenever controlling vital functionality through voice control.

The software can be downloaded from the Y-cam website and once installed can react to commands such as: “Alexa, tell Y-cam to…” This will activate Alexa and engage the Y-cam Skill and Protect Alarm System. A selection of different options including On/Off or Arm/Disarm or Home Mode can then be used.

If disarming the alarm for the first time, the Y-cam Protect Alarm intelligently knows you have not set a PIN, so it will ask you to select a four digit number and then ask for this each time you wish to disarm using Alexa voice control.

Packed with features to deliver intelligent Smart Home security

  • PIN protected – using a secure voice PIN
  • Smart voice interaction control
  • “Alexa, turn my Y-cam Alarm ON/OFF”
  • “Alexa, tell my Y-cam to ARM/DISARM”
  • “Alexa tell my Y-Cam to Select Home Mode”

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