BMW has revealed that later this year users will be able to access the BMW Connected App, allowing BMW vehicle users with BMW ‘ConnectedDrive Services’ activated to perform functions such as check their remaining fuel levels and lock their car doors via voice commands to their Echo speaker via Alexa.

Once launched, BMW Connected will be available as a free download from the Apple App Store. The ‘ConnectedDrive Services’ feature became standard on all new BMW’s in January 2016; in total there are approximately 400,000 BMW’s capable of using this service on the road in the UK already.

What is BMW Connected?

BMW Connected works as a personal digital assistant, using a flexible platform called the Open Mobility Cloud as a basis. BMW Connected integrates the vehicle into the user’s digital life via multiple touchpoints, such as an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The first version of BMW Connected focuses on journey management for the vehicle, featuring digital products and services designed to simplify the day-to day planning of driving routes and appointments.

Once the user has set up a ConnectedDrive account and completed a short registration process, they can create their BMW Connected customer profile within the new App.

From this moment, BMW Connected – which is initially being made available for Apple iPhone users – scans for any mobility-related information, such as addresses, giving users estimated arrival times for the driver’s destination.

In the case of hybrid and BMW i models, relevant data such as the remaining range or battery charge can be retrieved remotely and factored into journey planning.

BMW Connected also provides ‘time to leave’ notifications which are sent to the user’s smartphone or Apple Watch, as well as recognising ‘personal learned destinations’ – saving them for future use.

If unusual traffic conditions would cause the user to arrive home late, for instance, BMW Connected alerts the user and suggests an earlier departure time.

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