The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best ways of getting the Alexa AI into every room of the house, but there may now be another solution for those who like their AIs a little more conversational.

Meet the Nvidia Spot, a puck shaped device that sports a microphone and a speaker. That’s not all, as this small device also houses the Google Assistant, allowing users to control their smart home and find the answer to any burning question they may have.

Like the Echo Dot, the Nvidia Spot is designed to be installed in every room in the house to ensure that no matter where the user is, they can always ask a question or turn on the lights. There is a small catch however, as the Nvidia Spot can only function if it has a central hub to talk to – in this case it’s the Nvidia Shield TV.

Little else is known about the Spot, but unlike the Echo Dot it doesn’t seem like users will be able to plug it into an external speaker, meaning it might not be the best at playing music. There’s also no word on whether it can be installed in a bathroom, where moisture will be an issue. The Echo Dot is currently not bathroom friendly, so that might also be the case with the Nvidia Spot.

For those looking for an AI to install in every room in the house and not wishing to spend shed loads of cash, then the Nvidia Spot could be the ideal solution. Nvidia says that it will cost $50 when it goes on sale in the US later this year, UK availability and pricing is still yet to be determined however.

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