Habitech has revealed that it will begin distributing Vantage’s range of luxury home control systems in order to strengthen its position in the market.

Through the partnership with Vantage, Habitech is adamant that integrators will now find it easier than ever to ‘deliver high performance whole-house audio and control’.

Using Vantage’s widget-based control system users can control many aspects of their home, such as lighting, home theatre, cameras and security. The system can also display the current weather and offer users the ability to change the climate inside the house.

Habitech believes that its latest offering is both ‘user-friendly for installers and clients’.

Vantage’s system offers a choice of three displays, the 4” Equinox 40 and 41, as well as the 7” Equinox 73.

Along with a range of controllers, LED dimmers, line-voltage relay modules and DIN-rail lighting control relays/dimmer modules, Habitech is hoping to offer a complete home automation solution with this partnership.

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