Domotz is a new provider of home automation systems and will unveil its solutions on Stand 5U112.

Designed for homes and smaller businesses, Domotz Pro is described as a professional grade home intelligence system which enables remote technical assistance for home network and device problems.

“There are 100 million smart homes in the world of which only a small fraction are actively serviced. The market for smart home monitoring and remote tech support remains completely untapped,” says Domenico Crapanzano, CEO and co-founder of Domotz. “Domotz Pro was developed to meet this need and help existing businesses diagnose and troubleshoot the millions of IT and device problems that happen every day in their customers connected homes.”

Domotz Pro features include network and IP device monitoring regardless of manufacturer, remote desktop and device access, remote power management, alerts and network diagnostics. The system also includes advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities such as multiple VLAN and SNMP support and tools to determine the quality of a network’s connectivity.

Pro system users get access to features tailored to technical support service administration which include mobile and web Apps so IT and device problems can be serviced on the go from anywhere.

Also included is a ‘dashboard’ for home monitoring designed to deliver a comprehensive display for viewing all active homes and live technology.

Via the dashboard, a home or device that needs help can be quickly identified, diagnosed and dealt with.

Dialling further into the functionality, through network and device connectivity (RDP, VNC, TELNET, SSH and HTTP/S), installers can provide full remote tech support.

The Domotz Pro App can also be customised to give to customers control of their smart home management.

Designed to be intuitive and interactive, the maker says the Domotz Pro App lets installers deliver a proprietary branded App that can be used for automatically getting an inventory of all electronic assets in a home and performing network diagnostics to find the root cause of Internet slowdowns.

Domotz Pro also plans to add new features including support for ZigBee and Z-Wave devices and integration with popular smart home hubs and control systems.

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