Crestron will be demonstrating its latest release of Crestron Studio Software on its stand at ISE 2017. Boasting new features and system improvements, the manufacturer insists that it has never been simpler to create intuitive touch screen interfaces, add components and create custom living solutions – without having to write a single line of code.

The complete refresh of Crestron Studio (v1.6) has been built with the aim of eliminating issues associated with home automation programming. Crestron highlights its four key benefits:


  1. Crestron Pyng Integration


Crestron Studio is fully compatible with Crestron Pyng software, offering an intuitive, Crestron experience that is tailored to customers’ needs. Functionalities such as Pyng Smart Graphics software applications and Pyng Trigger/Listens can be added to Studio projects.

CE Pro Europe sister site CE Pro reports that anything created in Studio ports easily to Pyng, without any additional effort on the part of the integrator. Integrators need not learn anything like SystemBuilder or SIMPL Windows, the advanced programming software previously required for almost all Crestron systems.

It’s so simple, in fact, that the greenest technologists can be ready to install systems after a three-day ‘Studio for Residential’ course at Crestron HQ.

“A new dealer can be up and running in a few days,” confirms John Clancy, VP of residential at Crestron. He adds that Studio v1.6 supports new residential products that the old software did not, such as Roku and other set-top boxes, as well as AV receivers.


  1. Enhanced remote programming


Easy to use remotes feature pre-programmed buttons offering a number of residential control options. However, should the customer require a customised solution, the default programming is easily modified.


  1. Sonos


According to Crestron, with Crestron Studio Software, it has never been easier to integrate Sonos into the home. With one click, Crestron Studio can automatically build pages and connect all programming, offering an integrated whole-home audio system at the touch of a button.

Instead of simply implementing Sonos’ limited API, Crestron has elected (with Sonos’ blessing) to offer the complete Sonos App within the Crestron UI – an App within an App.


  1. UI refresh


Crestron’s all-new user interfaces and TV presets make it both quick and straightforward for programmers to improve the user experience.

“The new Crestron Studio is a revolutionary change for us in the residential market,” says John. “The complexity of Crestron programming is a thing of the past. It is now easier than ever to learn, faster to deploy and expand. It’s a true game changer.”


Dealer Feedback


Seeking feedback on the new software, Crestron ran it by several experienced dealers and reports that it ‘was almost unanimous’.

“They said: ‘this is great. It allows me and my colleagues to have entry-level programmers roll out everyday jobs, and I can work on the mega projects,’” says John.

A key feature of Crestron Studio is that it generates GUIs for the dealer. While some dealers don’t like to be locked into a standard set of graphics, the paradigm itself has become pretty standard in the industry.

“We used to leave the UI to the dealer,” says John. “Sometimes they turn out well, sometimes not so well. We have a UI that we think really works. If you don’t like it, you can change it with our theme generator.”

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