The new upgraded CoolMasterNet, is described as a unique solution for seamless integration of advanced VRF/ split air conditioning systems and home automation/BMS controllers

Interfacing major home automation controllers like Control4, Crestron, AMX, RTI, Savant, Lutron and Vantage through CoolMasterNet’s built-in RS232, RS485 and Ethernet communication ports, provides end users with control and monitoring of air conditioning indoor units like Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG and Samsung.

AII major home automation manufacturers have made available a driver module for the CoolMasterNet, which will support all the air conditioning brands supported by the CoolMasterNet.

The maker says using CoolMasterNet means installers will not need to deal with complicated HVAC communication protocols offering a straight forward integration and installation process.

With each air conditioning line on the CoolMasterNet, installers can control up to 50-128 indoor units, depending on the air conditioning manufacturer.

It is possible to activate more than one air conditioning line for a site with multiple air conditioning brands or a large site with many units.

The CoolMasterNet approach also includes a touchscreen controller providing local control of the air conditioning and access to the CoolRemote server, which will allow remote control and monitoring of the air conditioning system status and fault codes keeping site visits to a minimum.

CoolMaster says there are some of the big advantages of the CoolMasterNet over other solutions, its one device for all AC Brands, drivers have been written and are available for home automation and the same driver will work with all AC Brands, delivering on site reliability and peace of mind.

Other devices available from the CoolMaster family include CooLinkNet which connects and communicates with an air conditioning indoor unit directly on the wired remote control terminal and the ThermoPad which is a touch screen wired controller for Air Conditioning.

Tenways Engineering are the distributors for CoolAutomation UK, the company works closely with installers to identify the correct solution for each project.

Check with CoolAutomation for distribution arrangements elsewhere in Europe.

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