Chui’s debut product takes the form of an intelligent doorbell that uses facial recognition and proprietary technology to make a user’s home keyless, secure and individualised.

With Chui, the person’s face becomes a key that can unlock the front door, while enabling connected devices tailored to their preferences.

Chui unlocks one’s front door using facial recognition when paired with an Internet connected lock, before opening doors to invited guests, even from halfway around the world.

This can be achieved without a user having to interact with their phone and allows an owner to engage in live conversations with visitors.

It also lets the homeowner leave pre-recorded/personalised messages for expected guests in the event that they are away from home.

Security is a key priority with this launch, demonstrated by the fact that Chui replaces the need to transfer passwords; a user just uses their face to enter.

Chui also documents a non-alterable and time-stamped record of visitors, delivers real-time notifications with a visitor’s face and time-stamp to a Chui owner’s smart phone/tablet and crucially – cannot be fooled by a picture or video. It also learns changes in facial appearance.

Not stopping there, it can be proactively set to recognise individuals and perform tasks unique to them, as well as enabling connected devices upon facial recognition.

Chui also ensures that an owner has complete control over who enters their home, and acts as a ‘personal bouncer” keeping unwanted guests away through a ‘Do Not Disturb’ function’.

Chui has garnered over $80,00 in pre-order sales, with customers in over 30 countries.

Chui will be available in the UK in Q1 of 2015. Installers can pre order from and those who purchase on the site now will be the first to receive the shipments in the UK.

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