Amazon is hoping to put Alexa on as many devices as possible, and following its first attempt at an Alexa device with a screen, in the form of the Echo Show, Amazon has debuted yet another one – the Echo Spot.

The new Echo Spot looks like a Nest Learning Thermostat from the front, but this is far from another smart thermostat. In fact, the Echo Spot is one of Amazon’s most unique Alexa-enabled devices yet. It’s essentially an evolution of the Echo Dot and the Echo Show, combining the screen format of the Show with the small form factor of the Dot.

With the Echo Spot and its 2.5in screen users can make video calls, control smart home devices and play music. The device can even be plugged into third-party speakers, like the Echo Dot, so users don’t have to listen to music through the Spot’s tiny speakers.

While we’ve likened the Echo Spot to the Nest, other commentators have described it as a modern-day Chumby, which was essentially a small computer that could sit on the countertop. In many ways, it is, although users will interact with the Echo Spot using Alexa voice control, rather than using a touchscreen.

The Echo Spot is probably one of the best Echo devices currently on the market. It offers the video calling functionality of the Show, but is still relatively affordable and can connect to other speakers, like the Dot.

Unfortunately, the Echo Spot won’t be available in the UK – much like the Echo Show when it first launched. For those in the US, it will be available for $130 and is available for pre-order now. It will begin shipping in December.

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