New TMAC thermal tech from Dahua can help to break the inertia of lockdown.

Today businesses and organisations everywhere are reaching for the tech that can return their operations to some semblance of normality. Dahua’s new Temperature Monitoring Access Control (TMAC) solution could be the answer, having the capability to rapidly scan workers and customers for abnormally high body temperatures and to control access to any space according to a pre-set head count.

TMAC is a completely contactless system which combines innovative design and functionality in a turnkey solution. The camera, temperature and facial recognition tech, along with a 7in touch-screen display are built into a single ‘terminal’, which can be wall mounted or housed in a beautifully merchandisable custom floor or turnstile stand – a desk stand follows.

Developed for rapid deployment in multiple reception/exit areas within the same building, Dahua’s TMAC terminals can process facial images with 99% accuracy and measure temperature to 0.3°C resolution in as little as 0.2 seconds, cutting waiting time almost to zero.

Data from each terminal is fed via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, Dahua’s DSS Express software and NVR to a local reference database, and the customer chooses the rules of access. TMAC’s multi-layer authentication allows them to make temperature the single access test, bolt on facemask detection, add a customer flow limiting feature, or for added security, check facial ID or ID card criteria.

In addition, TMAC can be integrated with in-house video displays to notify security staff of anyone tripping the system.

Distributor Habitech says that for all its functionality the TMAC platform is inexpensive (around £2k trade per stand) and easy to install. When integrated with third-party turnstile/barrier operation for example, virtually instantaneous multi-layer authentication scanning becomes part of a single automated access system for any building or venue.

New installs might opt for TMAC efficiency built into Dahua’s proprietary ‘fast-gate’ turnstile design, a modular and durable solution offering market leading accuracy and efficiency, says its supplier.   

In addition to the safety advantages in lockdown, there are applications for a safer world beyond. TMAC could be deployed for automatic school registration and pupil ID for instance, or to identify workers and visitors within a building in the event of an emergency.

Almost certainly, the post-COVID order will be demanding this quality of scrutiny to restore day-to-day confidence in society and return to profitability. 

Designed for fast deployment and ultra-efficient access control with flexible multi-layer authentication, Dahua’s Temperature Monitoring Access Control TMAC answers the call from hospitality businesses, private and public sector organisations (including schools), travel terminals and retail environments for a safe, fast and reliable way to re-establish a recognisable normality and to manage the challenges emerging in the post-pandemic world.

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