Penn Elcom, the UK-based manufacturer of 19in racks, has revealed its newest 19in product – the RHF Hinged Wall Bracket. This new rack claims to make the management of wall mount racks easier than ever.

The RHF Hinged Wall Bracket

Penn Elcom’s new R6400-RHF rear hinged wall bracket turns R6400 and R6600 wall mount cabinets into double section (hinged) wall mount cabinets. With a width of only 152mm/ 5.98in, the bracket is an unobtrusive fixture that can support the weight of a fully loaded rack, and enables it to securely swing away from the wall. This gives installation professionals easy accessibility to the rear of the rack, allowing them to run cables, replace equipment parts, or keep up general maintenance of the wall mount rack’s contents.

The bracket has been designed so that it is able to open on either the left or right hand side. Heavy duty hinges allow for the rack to be loaded up to 50kg/110lb. Installers are also able to keep access to the rear of the rack secure, with an in-built key lock system (and two keys) included. The slam shut system also creates an easy open/close function. The bracket also contains top and bottom 1U cable knockouts for easy and efficient cable management.

The bracket is available for 6U, 9U, 12U and 18U racks.

R6400 and R6600 Wall Mount Rack Range

The RHF Hinged Wall Bracket is designed to be used with Penn Elcom’s R6400 series of deep wall mount racks. These wall mount racks are ideal for smaller installations or house systems. The wall mount rack is powder coated black and has rolled edges. The rack is also secure, with a key lock system on the door (two keys included).

The rack is delivered pre-assembled, and it includes a number of user-friendly features. Pre-welded threaded rack rails, which have an adjustable depth, make securing your equipment easy and stress free. Its removable side panels made rack maintenance quick and easy. The three fan knockouts on the top panel provide thermal regulation within your rack. Cable management is made easy, with 19in cable knockouts on the rear and top of the rack, and an integrated cable management system. The rack also comes with a lockable and removable front door. The door is available with either a smoked Perspex panel, a plain steel panel, or a vented steel panel.

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