Supported by Essential Install, Pulse Cinemas has begun a series of Open Days to introduce installers to new demonstration areas and support services.

Available on March 16, March 23 and the April 6 and 20, Pulse Cinemas is welcoming the industry to witness its new demonstration areas, as well as find out about all of the support services on offer from the company.

The day consists of demonstrations of a re-imagined Reference Cinema, the company’s new VR design and demonstrate service, the Media Room and the short-throw projector based ‘Big TV’ demonstration area now located in the reception.  

Morning and afternoon sessions are both available and the event is fully catered with delicious home cooked food provided. Attending the launch event for this series, the EI team can confirm the food is fantastic and a very warm welcome is experienced by all the visitors creating a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn about all the new possibilities when partnering with Pulse Cinemas.

Splitting into small groups, visitors get the full tour and a chance to ask any questions that come up during the visit. The Pulse team also explain how the company’s approach has evolved and how installers can move their projects to the next level by leveraging all the brands and support services offered by the company.

The whole EI team was impressed with what was on offer when we visited and Pulse Cinemas can certainly count itself as one of the distributors that is upping its game in terms of its demonstration facilities and support services.

Click the link to select which session you would like to attend and begin a new journey into home cinema, home automation and AV with Pulse Cinemas.

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