Vieunite has announced the Vieunite Pro; an all-in-one solution designed to enable businesses to connect with their customers, reinforce brand identity and transform spaces into ever-changing, striking environments. 

Vieunite Pro encompasses three elements: the Vieunite Textura Pro canvas, an expertly curated library of artwork and a slick and easy-to-use management portal. Combined, the platform provides businesses across retail, hospitality and more with the tools to seamlessly blend world-renowned pieces of art with marketing materials, providing effective communications between company and consumer, without relying on the ‘hard sell’. 

The Textura Pro canvas is a texture-accurate and commercial-grade display that provides an instant décor refresh – with no refurbish necessary. The display is built to last, with Vieunite’s parent company, Allsee Technologies, being one of the world’s biggest and most established manufacturers that is exclusively dedicated to the commercial display and Digital Signage market.

Controlled remotely via a proprietary, in-house designed content management system (CMS) software – Vieunite Pro Portal – retailers can update the artwork on display and switch to promotional materials, internal communications and morale boosting content for employees at the touch of a button.

Management of the Textura Pro is simple and users can create digital art playlists mixed with their brand’s content, schedule content to play at different times, adjust the brightness and volume, set power timers and view monitoring and analytics data. In addition, the Vieunite Pro Portal provides an easy way to remotely manage an entire network of Textura Pro displays, bringing control to entire buildings. 

The platform also brings access to Vieunite Pro Curated Collections. These are a suite of composed playlists overseen by Dr Benedict Carpenter van Barthold, Cultural Director at Vieunite, and categorised by art styles, industry sectors, moods, themes and colour schemes – ideal for those that need a little guidance when it comes to selecting the best look for their brand. 

The creative possibilities are endless thanks to an extensive roster of contemporary artists and a treasure trove of works from institutes such as National Galleries of Scotland, RBSA Gallery, Art Institute of Chicago, Central St. Martins and Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art. 

For businesses seeking even more personalisation, a subscription to the Textura Pro Premium  plan gives access to bespoke playlists, specifically tailored to the requirements of individual brands. 

Almost indistinguishable from the real thing, Textura Pro’s display technology means viewers can immerse themselves in every brush stroke. Meanwhile, the handcrafted real-wood black, walnut, birch and pine wooden frames can be magnetically swapped out to suit the evolving style of any brand. 

As effortless to install as it is to control, Textura Pro’s unique mounting system allows for quick changes between portrait and landscape orientations, a flush fit to the wall and mains-supplied power. 

The product also comes with three-year commercial manufacturer’s warranty, with advanced replacement during warranty periods for any type of failure, shipping and collection covered.

The Vieunite Textura Pro is available to buy from for £619 + VAT and comes with a Vieunite Pro Standard subscription included. 

Subscriptions to Vieunite Pro Advanced and Vieunite Pro Premium can be purchased for £99 / £189 per year (exc. VAT), respectively. 

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