Playseat has launched the Playseat Formula Instinct – F1 Edition: a racing simulator cockpit designed to bring the adrenaline and excitement of Formula 1 racing into your living room. 

The F1 officially licensed cockpit is designed to capture the essence of Formula 1 racing, highlighted by a genuine F1 racing posture and distinctive official livery. 

With over 25 years of expertise and collaboration with real F1 racers, Playseat has crafted a lightweight cockpit that it says provides “an immersive and realistic racing experience that perfectly replicates the authentic F1 racing position”. 

The new design features a seat equipped with modular fabric padding and Modufoam technology, ensuring optimal comfort by customisable lower back and shoulder support. 

Additionally, the patented aluminium X-Adapt quick-release system provides robust support for the steering wheel, allowing the steering plate to be securely fixed in multiple 

positions for versatile and easy adjustment, catering to the preferences of every sim racing enthusiast, while the customisation of angle, height, and length ensures fidelity and comfort during gameplay. 

Engineered for stability and professional-grade braking, the reinforced frame design delivers overall control, offering the precision necessary for competitive racing experiences. The fully adjustable pedal plate, coupled with patented adjustment systems, guarantees the adaptability required to accommodate racers of all ages and sizes. 

The Playseat Formula Instinct – F1 Edition also offers simple storage solutions. The lightweight structure and precise component positioning ensures a stable stance when set up for racing and allows for easy storage. 

The Playseat Formula Instinct – F1 Edition will go on sale in late July for £549. 

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