OIKLA has announced the release of Perception, a revolutionary audio hearing protection algorithm designed for Remora PRO

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Sonical’s embedded operating system, CosmOS, Perception marks a leap in preserving auditory health while delivering what the manufacturer is calling “unparalleled audio experiences” through headphones and all other ear-worn products.

With the integration of Perception, Remora PRO guarantees optimal sound quality and user well-being in any listening environment.  Recent data from the World Health Organisation highlighted the huge number of hearing issues being uncovered, in particular with younger listeners.

OIKLA’s Perception technology seamlessly blends two powerful features to provide an audio experience that feels louder and more immersive while maintaining safe listening levels. This innovative approach ensures users enjoy their favourite sounds without risking their hearing health. 

Grammy award-winning engineer and producer Ricky Damian endorses this groundbreaking technology, highlighting its potential to revolutionise audio experiences.

The technology monitors listening levels and alerts users or limits audio when safe thresholds are exceeded, ensuring continuous protection against hearing damage. This feature ensures that even as audio levels increase, user safety remains a top priority.

Harnessing the latest ISO standards, Perception fine-tunes loudness based on the audio content and the frequency spectrum of the headphone acoustics. This ensures that users perceive sound as louder and more dynamic without the need for higher volumes, thereby reducing the risk of hearing damage.

Advanced loudness compensation algorithms amplify spatial audio cues, offering an immersive listening experience. This enhances the perception of sound depth and direction, making the audio experience more engaging and realistic.

“Our partnership with Sonical has allowed us to combine cutting-edge technology with a steadfast commitment to user well-being,” says Luigi Cosi , CEO at OIKLA. “With the launch of Perception for Remora PRO, we are proud to offer users an unparalleled fusion of exceptional audio performance and advanced hearing protection capabilities.”

Gary Spittle, CEO of Sonical adds: “Sound level monitoring and hearing protection are among the most requested features that end users ask us to support.  Oikla’s solution comes from the professional plugin community and is a fantastic addition to the CosmOS enabled ecosystem”.  

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