iFi audio has announced the launch of the ZEN DAC 3 and ZEN Phono 3. Featuring a refreshed design and updated features, this home-based DAC has been designed to electrify gaming, casual listening and critical audiophile experiences.

Whether you’re a gamer looking to ignite your immersive gaming sessions, a casual listener or an audiophile with the desire to elevate your experience, the ZEN DAC 3 is designed to take the listening experience to new heights.

With both fixed and variable output gain options, the ZEN DAC 3 connects to headphones, amplifiers or active speakers, providing versatility for any audio setup. 

Featuring two 4.4mm balanced outputs – one dedicated to headphones and the other to all other Hi-Fi equipment – this design minimises distortion, crosstalk and noise.

From PCM 768kHz to DSD 512 and full MQA decoding, it ensures that every nuance of music is faithfully reproduced with remarkable clarity and detail. 

Additional features such as XBass+ and PowerMatch analogue processing modes empowers users to customise their listening experience.

The iFi ZEN DAC 3 is available to purchase from ifi-audio.com and selected retailers for £229/$229/€229/$229AUD.

iFi has also introduced the Zen Phono 3 – a sophisticated yet accessible DAC, which reportedly offers a gateway to the rich, warm sound that vinyl enthusiasts admire. 

Traditional subsonic filters often compromise music by filtering out both the rumble from warped records and essential bass frequencies. However, the ZEN Phono 3’s intelligent subsonic filter selectively removes imperfections while preserving the integrity of the music.

Its precise RIAA equalisation circuit maintains a consistent frequency response, preserving the original sonic characteristics of vinyl records with accuracy. With a low Equivalent Input Noise of -151dBV, surpassing even Stereophile’s Class A+ models, it offers clarity and detail. 

The inclusion of balanced and RCA line outputs ensures versatile connectivity options, while the high-precision power supply controller and adjustable gain range and load impedance further optimise performance and compatibility.

The iFi ZEN Phono 3 is available to purchase from ifi-audio.com and selected retailers for £249/€249/$249/AUD249.

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