TP Vision has confirmed that the new 800 Series of Philips OLED TVs will officially be on sale in the UK from July 2020 in 55in and 65in versions.

All of the OLED800 series sets will feature the 4th Gen P5 processor to build upon the power and numerous processing benefits of the previous generation P5 by adding new, proprietary, artificial intelligence functionality.

The AI processing does not seek to simply produce even more output from each of the five pillars of PQ (source, colour, contrast, motion and sharpness) but is designed to create a better balance between them to reproduce a much more realistic, natural image that no longer feels like TV but creates images that more closely mirror real life.

The 4th Gen P5 AI processor offers better overall HDR performance including for both HDR10 and HDR10+ sources and improves Dolby Vision encoded dynamic HDR content using the ‘Dolby Bright mode’.  

Philips TV’s ‘Perfect Natural Reality’ has also been improved to offer better contrast, more depth impression and a more realistic reproduction of reflections – plus better sharpness and more natural and accurate skin tones.

The OLED805/855/865 all feature Dolby Atmos decoding, the Dolby Atmos Virtualizer function and Dolby bass and dialogue enhancement.

Philips TV is also the first premium TV brand to include the DTS Play-Fi feature with its multi-room audio capability within the set, allowing compatible speakers to connect to the television and serve as surround speakers, or as a multi-room extension of the TV audio.

The new sets are equally smart, featuring Android TV version nine (Pie) with ease of use guaranteed by both the Google Assistant built-in and Works with Alexa capabilities.

The OLED805/855/865 all share an ultra slim chassis, edgeless bezels and metal finish.

The OLED805 features a new stand with chamfered sides, finished in dark chrome, while the OLED855 has a new rotatable, central stand angled to the table – also in dark chrome. The same stand features on the OLED865 but is wrapped in responsibly sourced leather from Scottish leather specialist, Muirhead.

A new, premium remote control with flush, backlit keys, in a metalized finish has also been included for all three models with the sides and rear of the remote control also wrapped in Muirhead leather.

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