NewStar LED opens London office 

NewStar LED, a dedicated LED display manufacturer and complete solution provider specialising in the LED industry, has announced it is opening a London and European office. 

This expansion signifies a significant milestone for NewStar LED as it extends its presence and customer support throughout Europe while offering support to trade dealers and commercial customers.

Under the guidance of Ajay Maisuria, an accomplished Sales and Marketing Director with over 25 years of experience in the retail and trade sectors, the London office of NewStar LED is set to introduce its products and customer service to a wider audience throughout Europe. 

Ajay is a distinguished industry professional, renowned for his extensive knowledge of the LED market and his impressive track record in business operations. 

With a wealth of experience in both the UK and the USA, Ajay has consistently demonstrated his expertise in effectively managing and expanding successful enterprises. 

His expertise in sales and marketing, combined with a strategic vision, has allowed him to establish robust partnerships and drive business growth in fiercely competitive markets. 

Ajay’s leadership and astute business acumen have positioned him as a trusted authority in the industry, leading to NewStar LED’s continued expansion and success. 

“We are excited to introduce NewStar LED’s London office and expand our reach across Europe,” says Ajay. “With our expertise in the LED industry, we offer customers unparalleled product guarantees, support, and repair services. Our commitment to delivering premium grade LED panels and signage sets us apart as a trusted partner for distributors and manufacturers worldwide.” 

NewStar LED has built a reputation for developing intelligent LED solutions and providing flexible online technical support. Their reliable onsite after-sales service ensures that customers receive comprehensive assistance throughout their LED projects. 

With a manufacturing base in Shenzhen, China, NewStar LED’s state-of-the-art facilities enable them to produce a full range of high-quality LED products. From outdoor media installations to superstores, entertainment venues, stadiums, and stage leasing, the company’s products are widely used in diverse commercial and home applications. 

The company’s investment in a 150 million CNY manufacturing plant further demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing LED product output, research and development. 

NewStar LED adheres to a rigorous quality management system. From raw-material sourcing to standardised production flow, assembly, and installation, all products undergo thorough testing and quality inspection. 

The company holds certifications under CE/FCC/ETL/UL standards.

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