Gira, supplier of intelligent system solutions for building management, expands the Gira KNX Mini Komfort presence detector to include a new integrated temperature sensor.

New and available to the UK from May 2020, the new integrated temperature sensor means the Gira KNX Mini Komfort presence detector can now respond to thermal motion in addition to light so a home wastes less energy.

The Gira KNX Mini Komfort presence detector not only adjusts light according to how many people are in a room, but thanks to the new 2020 update, it can measure the room temperature and automatically calibrate system settings to the most comfortable climate available.

Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK says, “The digital economy has become a quick-change market, constantly developing to meet the needs of the end user. By expanding the Gira KNX Mini Komfort to include a new temperature sensor, we can reduce the number of devices you need in the home to provide one, subtle design solution for controlling light and heat that is unobtrusive and retrofit suitable.”

Designed to detect the smallest of movements, the user can automatically control various functions in the KNX system.

Control highlights

Room temperature control: the new sensor measures the temperature and responds to thermal motion so it can adjust the heating, ventilation or air-conditioning according to how many people are in the room: saving energy and money.

Lighting and blind control: there’s no need to turn up or dim the lights as the Mini Komfort can sense ambient brightness in addition to occupants in the room, altering ambient light to suit the host-environment. The device will automatically switch off when no movement is detected, so lights won’t be left on. It can also be configured to run specific lighting scenes to fit into the user’s daily routine, as well as open/close blinds when people step in or out of the room.

Subtle and unobtrusive design: with a height of just 1.25mm, the design ring which can be flush-mounted offers a low-protrusion, minimal profile which can be styled to suit different syles and tastes. Also available surface-mounted, each ring can be colour coated to match an existing wall or ceiling, as desired.

Indoor and outdoor use: this mini presence detector with integrated temperature sensor is small, but is desinged to detect the smallest movements. Designed with a large detection range (diamater appoximately 12m with 3m installation height) this system solution is ideal for entrance areas. Plus, it meets the IP44 standard so is 100% waterproof and able to be installed outside.

Other key features are:

  • Diverse potential applications: can be used as an individual device, main unit or auxiliary unit / semi-automatic control or fully-automatic operation
  • Short-term presence function when motion is detected only briefly
  • Options for intelligent lighting control: up to three light groups can be controlled, meaning that lamps can be regulated individually
  • Precise presence and motion detection across 360°: equipped with three digital PIR sensors (3 x 120°) and the sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted to individual installation scenarios
  • Flexible ceiling mounting concept
  • Daylight-dependent lighting control: an integrated brightness sensor measures the current light intensity and controls the light dependent on available daylight
  • Power-saving optimization with adaptive overrun time: continuously analyze user behaviour to optimise transmission delay independently. This saves energy and conserves the light source by preventing unnecessary switching on and off
  • Convenient control via infrared remote control
  • Simple switching between configured functions

The Gira KNX Mini Kmfort design ring can also be designed to match existing frames from the following Gira Design Lines; Gira E2, Gira E3, Gira ClassiX, Gira Studio, Gira Standard 55.

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