Monitor Audio Silver Series 7G Announced

Monitor Audio officially releases the seventh generation of its acclaimed Silver Series 7G loudspeakers this September. Ever since the Silver Series was introduced in 1999, the company argues it has set standards where performance, finish and value for money are concerned. And with the new seventh generation, Monitor Audio says it has put even more distance between the Silver Series and its competition.

The seventh generation of the Silver Series 7G features a new, contemporary design in a choice of five high-quality finishes, numerous acoustic innovations and a model line-up extensive enough to cater for every music and home cinema requirement, says the series creator.

The design is described as crisp, clean and distinctive. The available finishes are ‘deeply lustrous high-gloss black lacquer, equally distinctive satin white, or a choice of three real-wood veneers: Ash, Natural Walnut and Black Oak’. Monitor Audio argues it almost goes without saying that real-wood veneers are seldom found on competitively priced loudspeakers.

Looks aside, the maker says every model, from the Silver 50 7G and Silver 100 7G bookshelf/standmount speakers, through the Silver 200 7G, Silver 300 7G and Silver 500 7G floorstanders, to the home cinema-specific Silver C250 7G centre channel, Silver FX 7G rear surround speakers and Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos enabled speaker, is a result of performance-led design. And each one features fresh, original engineering to deliver high-quality sound.

The new C-CAM gold dome tweeter design features a new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II for lifelike, convincing treble reproduction. The new RST II mid-range and mid/bass drivers feature a more rigid profile than ever before, with its new hexagonal dimpled structure just one indicator of the changes to the cone and geometry structure that result in smooth, low-distortion sound. The new crossover design is an elegant solution to the problem of splitting frequency information between drivers in a smooth, controlled manner.

Every seventh generation Silver Series loudspeaker also features new driver trims, minimising the appearance of the driver surround and creating a harmonious look. Every floor-stander is supplied with outrigger feet with spun metal trims, developed for stability on carpeted or hard floors. The company has also developed new magnetic grilles with a premium-grade weave, which give visual depth and texture as well as a very tidy appearance. And every speaker in the range features a discreet implementation of the new logo, confirming the brand identity.


Silver FX 7G and Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos enabled speaker is available in High Gloss Black and Satin white only


•         Silver 50 7G (RRP £575)

•         Silver 100 7G (RRP £750)

•         Silver 200 7G (RRP £1,150)

•         Silver 300 7G (RRP £1,450)

•         Silver 500 7G (RRP £1,725)

•         Silver C250 7G (RRP £600)

•         Silver FX 7G (RRP £600)

•         Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos enabled speaker (RRP £650)

New Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II driver design

A new aluminium alloy improves the tensile strength of the cone while retaining all the benefits – low distortion, high power handling, excellent directivity – of the C-CAM technology. Drivers can go louder for longer without compromise.

New C-CAM tweeter design

A completely new magnet structure and rear chamber design are among the invisible improvements. The new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II and compression ring are much more visible. And the result is thrillingly clean, accurate treble response

New crossover design

Splitting the incoming signal between tweeter and mid/bass driver is an art in and of itself. Our new crossover design works sympathetically with the drivers to deliver perfect tonal balance

New cabinet design and finishes

Crisply drawn edges define the new Silver Series 7G cabinets, and the choice of five luxurious finishes – including three real-wood veneers – creates a look that’s both contemporary and timeless. Two new real wood veneers, Natural Walnut and Ash have been introduced.

New tweeter and driver trims

By minimising the appearance of the mid/bass driver surround, and by making a feature of the tweeter protection dispersion pattern, both the look and the performance of the speaker is enhanced

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