Meridian puts its stamp on the new Range Rover sport

Meridian has been instrumental in providing the new Range Rover Sport with three audio performance packages that deliver an unrivalled level of audio quality. While the sound from the speakers offers an immersive personal audio experience to all occupants, the aesthetics of the speaker grilles provide a luxurious finish that Range Rover customers have come to expect.

Thanks to its well-established relationship with Land Rover, the new Range Rover Sport is available with the option of one of three Meridian audio performance system packages – Sound, 3D Surround and Signature.

The sound system features 15 speakers, a 400w amplifier, centre channel and subwoofer, while the 3D Surround level steps up to 19 speakers, an 800w amplifier, centre channel, subwoofer, rear surround speakers and front heights. The premium package – Signature – includes an impressive 29 speaker, a 1430w amplifier, centre channel, subwoofer, rear surround speakers, front and rear heights and headrests in each of the four seats.

A unique Tailgate Event Suite can be added onto the 3D Surround and Signature systems as an optional extra. Comprising of four additional drive units, when the tailgate suite is activated, the car intelligently turns selected speakers off to put emphasis on the speakers towards the rear of the car and turns on the carefully integrated drive units mounted in the tailgate itself.

The Signature system in the Range Rover Sport also features the headrest speakers, which is the second model within the Range Rover portfolio to feature this. These speakers provide an immersive surround sound experience that envelopes each passenger in their own audio bubble.

All three levels of the system are packed full of a number of Meridian technologies. Meridian Digital Precision maximises the signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring the finest details of every song are retained; and Meridian RE-Q cabin correction technology intelligently and discreetly optimises the audio system to the precise acoustics of the vehicle cabin, preserving the natural rhythm of the performance. All three models feature Trifield immersive multichannel audio from two channel stereo content, while the 3D Surround and Signature systems include Trifield 3D, which delivers three-dimensional immersive multichannel audio from two channel stereo content.

The L461 Range Rover Sport is the first model from the brand to include Meridian Perfect Balance technology, which dynamically applies psychoacoustically informed frequency compensation to incoming audio to ensure a consistent tonally balanced audio experience at all listening volumes.

“The human ear’s sensitivity to different frequencies varies with the level of the sound source,” comments Meridian’s CEO, John Buchanan. “Therefore, as the level of the sound sources decrease, the perceived loudness of low and high frequencies decreases faster than mid frequencies. This results in a perceived loss of low and high frequencies at low volume levels.”

Ensuring the audio enhances the interior aesthetics whilst providing the required material to not hinder the audio quality, Meridian’s engineers worked in parallel with Land Rover’s design team to find a fabric that performed as well as traditional metal grilles. These new grille covers have been utilised for row two speakers’ grilles for all three levels of the system.

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