When the largest signal processor is the room, CinemaTech says it has devised the easiest way to treat it, with panels that fit straight on the wall.

After decades of residential cinema design, acoustic treatment is now acknowledged as an essential system component, says supplier of CinemaTech into the UK, Habitech.

Capable of maximising the immersive powers of home cinema, Habitech is pleased to be offering integrators what it says are world’s most sophisticated acoustic panels direct from its Basingstoke warehouse.

The disti’s latest cinema design initiative provides access to CinemaTech’s exclusive technology, claimed to be the only acoustic wall treatment system that works down to 100Hz from just 3.175cm of profile depth.

Alongside acoustic proficiency CinemaTech’s Acoustic Room System panels have the advantage of direct-to-the-wall installation, avoiding the need to construct a secondary framework within the room, saving time, cost and space.

A simple three-step process applies a 3.175cm-deep framework to the wall, fits the panels within, and finishes with acoustically transparent fabric.

The panel system uses a patented reversible acoustic core material.

The soft side (insulation) offers excellent high frequency absorption, while the hard side (sheetrock) contributes three factors to the overall design flexibility: low transmission loss to prevent the sound from escaping into other rooms; the right level of high frequency reflection to stop the space from becoming too ‘dead’, thereby improving speech intelligibility, fidelity and clarity; and low frequency absorption through diaphragmatic dampening resulting in the elimination of bass boom.

The third way

Operating from 1kHz up, a third ‘diffuser’ panel comprises a random series of diamond shapes varying in height within the system’s 3.175 cm framework.

CinemaTech’s round-edge diffuser produces scattering in both horizontal and vertical planes and is said to be more effective than straight edge designs which can produce a snap flutter at the higher frequencies.

Integrators are invited to engage with CinemaTech though Habitech on three levels.

Those experienced in acoustic design can purchase the panels and track directly. Alternatively, installers can choose to partner with Habitech and CinemaTech to devise an acoustic plan for the space, specifying panel types and locations for optimum results.

At the highest level, project managers can opt for the most detailed acoustic and aesthetic design through the involvement of CinemaTech’s design team.  

The CinemaTech family can be seen to great effect, by visiting Habitech’s demonstration facilities at company HQ.

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