Masimo has announced a significant visual and functional update to the HEOS app that makes it easier than ever to access tunes, radio stations and podcasts the moment the app is opened. 

HEOS boasts compatibility with a diverse array of speakers and soundbars, courtesy of its integration with our Denon and Marantz AVRs and network amplifiers. Users are not constrained by a particular speaker brand, and the number of devices users can connect to has been expanded to 64.

The HEOS sports a fresh, user-friendly design that not only makes navigation more intuitive but also provides a sleek and modern interface.. Plus, with the new ‘Now Playing’ display at the bottom of the screen, users can keep track of the currently playing music from anywhere within the app.

The revamped home screen serves as a personalised music hub, offering instant access to recently played tracks, favourite music, and preferred music service content. Users can also curate their own HEOS playlists from various streaming platforms.

With the new universal music search, users can easily find the music they want by searching across all streaming platforms and personal libraries simultaneously.

In addition to the new look and features, this HEOS update brings forth substantial improvements in functionality. The manufacturer’s developers have enhanced the user experience across multiple facets, including device accessibility, wireless surround technology, enhanced login security, uninterrupted playback, streamlined in-app controls, flawless audio synchronisation, and seamless in-app messaging, among various other aspects.

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