Loewe Technology has revealed the klang sub1 (£399), powerful, stylish yet compact subwoofer to accompany Loewe’s high-end audio/visual range. The addition of the klang sub1 represents an expansion of the brand’s audio portfolio and is Loewe Technology’s first subwoofer with a wireless TV connection.

The compact subwoofer provides a dynamic, powerful bass foundation and complements both the integrated audio solutions of Loewe TV sets (from SL3) and those of third-party suppliers (with audio output controlled simultaneously with the TV).

Designed and developed at the company’s headquarters in Kronach, the klang sub1 is 50% smaller than conventional subwoofers, making it the perfect space-saving, stylish powerhouse for smaller living spaces.

The Loewe klang sub1 uses a high-performance wireless connection allowing it to be positioned anywhere in the room and integrate seamlessly with its surroundings.

Along with a powerful output of 160W, the Loewe klang sub1 brings first-class cinema sound to your home, made possible by the subwoofer’s innovative design.

Four free-swinging passive cones are combined with two active bass speakers in the shape of a hexagon, meaning the Loewe klang sub1 is vibration-free, even at high volumes.

The selection of high-quality materials gives the elegantly shaped Loewe klang sub1 a unique look, emphasised by a sleek acoustic fabric, solid base and ceiling panels.


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