Kordz’ Termination Challenge expands to CEDIA Tech + Business Summits worldwide

After the recent debut of the Termination Challenge Powered by Kordz at CEDIA Tech Summits, Kordz is bringing the friendly competition to systems integrators around the globe at summits across the USA, Canada, UK and Australia throughout 2024. 

Kordz believes the best way to understand the installation and performance advantages of next-generation, high-quality connectivity solutions is by experiencing them first-hand. They also know that the faster and more reliably cabling can be deployed, the more profitable systems integrators’ projects can be. 

To give more systems integrators a chance to compete for prizes and bragging rights in a lively beat-the-clock format, as well as uplevel their termination skills and see for themselves how small differences in cabling design can make a big impact on their installations’ success, Kordz is expanding its program and hosting its Termination Challenge Powered by Kordz at CEDIA Tech + Business Summits around the globe for the remainder of 2024.  

“We committed this year to reinventing the CEDIA Tech + Business Summits and beyond increased education, one of the key needs was finding ways to include hands-on content that challenged our attendees while also respecting the fact that these are compressed, one-day events,” says Jonathan Toomey, CEDIA director of conference strategy. “The Termination Challenge Powered by Kordz is the perfect fit—interactive, easy to understand, a great refresher for industry vets, and an opportunity to have some fun.”

In collaboration with CEDIA and its U.S. distributor, Future Ready Solutions, Kordz kicked-off the event series earlier this year at the Orange County and Los Angeles CEDIA Tech + Business Summits. 

“Systems integrators are competitive by nature, so they are thrilled to put their cabling termination skills to the test and try to best their fellow integrators,” says Kordz managing director, James Chen. 

“Being able to engage with products, rather than simply look at them, also brings a level of excitement to the summits. Most of all, through hands-on experience in the competition, systems integrators learn that small but significant differentiating features in the design, construction and manufacture of our connectivity solutions – something we call ‘Kordzification’ – can dramatically enhance the reliability, efficiency and profitability of their cabling installations.” 

The Kordz Termination Challenge was first introduced to the systems integration industry at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023. It has since become a staple of Kordz’ trade show exhibits. 

Upcoming Termination Challenges Powered by Kordz are scheduled for the following CEDIA Tech + Business Summits in 2024 plus the CEDIA Expo. There is no need to register; attendees can compete at any time during the event.

  • May 14, Atlanta (USA)
  • June 26, Vancouver (Canada)
  • September 5-7, Denver (USA) to coincide with CEDIA Expo 2024
  • September 25, Toronto (Canada)
  • October 8, Fort Lauderdale (USA)
  • October 10, Tampa (USA)
  • October 22-24, Newcastle (Australia)
  • November 12, New Jersey (USA)
  • November 14, New York (USA)
  • December 3, Dallas (USA)
  • December 5, Houston (USA)

To learn more about the Termination Challenge and see the times to beat, click here.

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