Featuring patented JBL technologies with high-quality acoustic performance, the Synthesis SCL and ‘Conceal’ series speakers will transform the potential of residential immersive audio systems says Karma AV.

Since its introduction, the JBL Synthesis SCL Series has delivered a level of performance from in-wall and in-ceiling products that was previously unavailable to system integrators and designers, says the maker. Now the industry’s first comprehensive selection of compression driver-based architectural loudspeakers has taken a further stride with an expanded range of models. Featuring patented technologies, the new flagship SCL-1 LCR, companion SSW-1 subwoofer, SCL-6 and SCL-7 in-walls and SCL-5 and SCL-8 in-ceilings, will broaden the choice of high output, wide bandwidth design options for ultra-premium, high-channel-count immersive audio systems.

Launching in the UK alongside the new SCL models, the JBL ‘Conceal’ Series of invisible speakers is available in 2-way, 3-way, dual panel and dedicated dual subwoofer configurations, which, when combined, have been created to dramatically elevate the quality and performance of invisible speaker installations.

New JBL Synthesis SCL models

The new SCL-1 LCR is optimised for custom installation behind projection screens. It is a large format LCR utilising JBL’s patented D2430K dual 3in diaphragm compression driver mated to a High-Definition Imaging (HDI) horn. Complete with a pair of newly designed 12in cast frame Carbon Cellulose Composite Cone (C4) woofers in patented Complementary Bass Alignment System (C-BAS) configuration, the SCL-1 offers incredible output, dynamics and detail for even the largest multichannel systems.                                                                                          

Weighing in at a substantial 159 kg, the SSW-1 ultra-high-performance subwoofer is designed specifically to complement the acoustic capabilities of the SCL-1 with impressive bass dynamics and depth. Intended for horizontal or vertical application in large scale systems, the SSW-1 Subwoofer features dual high-excursion (4in peak-to-peak) 15in cast-frame woofers with composite cones and massive 6-inch voice coils.

Mounted vertically or horizontally, the SCL-6 is a 2.5-way quadruple 5.25in in-wall speaker designed for on-axis listening in LCR and surround channel locations. It features a 1in 2410H-2 compression driver tweeter mated to a JBL patented HDI horn/precision moulded baffle assembly, supported by four 5.25in (130mm) Advanced Aluminium Matrix cone cast frame woofers. Featuring a similar horn assembly supported by twin 5.25in woofers, the SCL-7 is a 2-Way in-wall, designed for off-axis listening from LCR and surround channels.

Complementing the in-walls and designed for off-axis listening as height LCR and surround speakers, the SCL-5 and SCL-8 models deploy HDI horn-coupled tweeters (1in 2409H compression driver tweeter and 2410H-2 tweeter respectively), supported in turn by 7in (180mm) and 5.25-inch (130mm) AAM woofers.

Conceal Series

The new Conceal Series of high-performance invisible architectural loudspeakers utilises a combination of ‘drive elements’, proprietary FidelityGlass acoustic panels and compression moulded baffles, together with dedicated dual-driver bass models, to deliver natural full range sound through plaster. Installation is by way of a standard drywall patch while a paint finish contributes to the invisibility of the C62 compact 2-way design, C83 3-way, C86 8-inch dual panel design and C82W dual-panel/dual 8-inch invisible subwoofer system. Supported by a class-leading bass response, the Conceal Series’ broad, hemispherical acoustic coverage allows for optimal placement virtually anywhere in a room, in-wall or in-ceiling.

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