Kaleidescape UK Visit Hailed A Success 

65 dealers took part over three focused events to underline the benefits of including Kaleidescape in home cinema projects. 

In a move to underline its presence in the UK market and keep dealers fully informed on the most recent developments, Kaleidescape, manufacturer of premium home entertainment systems, sent top executives, Vice President of International & Marine Sales, Tim Barnes, and Vice President, Marketing, Norma Garcia-Muro, on a weeklong visit to Pulse Cinemas, UK distributor for the brand.

The distributor reports that 65 dealers took part in a series of specially curated QnA and demonstration sessions hosted at Pulse Cinemas HQ and also at Minotti London, where the company has a further demonstration suite. 

The venue on Monday, March 27, was Minotti London where dealers were able to meet with Tim and Norma, asking any questions on the system’s latest developments and future plans. There was also a full demonstration of the integrated home cinema system included at this venue, which features Kaleidescape at its content source. 

Monday’s festivities also featured a dealer dinner in the evening at the popular Dishoom Indian restaurant in London’s King’s Cross.

Then the venue switched to Pulse HQ over March 29-30 with two further days of demonstrations, QnA’s and dealer interaction as well as high-quality hospitality courtesy of the Pulse Cinemas kitchen. 

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas, MD reports, “We had a really fantastic week with Tim and Norma able to interact with as many dealers as we could fit into the programme over the week. The attendance of 65 dealers over the three main events we feel underlines the strength of the Open Day format that we have developed over recent months and the interest in Kaleidescape as a system. It also re-enforces the power and reach of the demonstration facilities we have at our disposal. A fact not lost on our guests from America!” 

Norma speaking about the event and with particular reference to Pulse Cinemas HQ, said, “I also think what really separates this space is that it was in the most immersive environment. I mean, ideally you want to be in a cinema environment, right? you have the right acoustics, and everything has been calibrated because you need to feel the difference and for me coming from the film world, that is exactly why directors and producers create content. We want you to be totally immersed in our story and I mean, I am doing applause, I don’t know if you can hear it, but this space is amazing. I want to stay here, I am kind of jealous I didn’t hit you up for my 50th birthday party, but I would have brought it over here because the space really does do that.”

Tim added, “I work with a few other distributors, and this is very unique because of the showroom experience. There are very few people that have a showroom like this and have the different theatres where we can show our products. I think once again just like when we were in London (Minotti London Showroom) I think up here the dealers are very passionate and there was some great dialogue today in the theatre and you know this centre is beautiful, we were in a beautiful theatre being able to talk to dealers, show the products and have an open dialogue and get a lot of feedback.”

During the week a complete FAQ article was created using the most commonly asked dealers questions about Kaleidescape. The report can be seen here.

Kapes Patel, COO at Pulse Cinemas, sums up, “It is all well and good telling people the Kaleidescape is the best home cinema source around, but being able to demonstrate it and then have dealers ask direct questions to senior people such as Tim and Norma, put our ability to get the benefits of the system over to dealers onto a new level. Look out for more Open Days as we open Pulse Cinemas once again to celebrate another very special event, 30 years of Sim2, look out for more details soon.”  

Pulse Cinemas reports a very positive reaction from dealers who attended with this comment from Ben Hobbs, Managing Director Cinema@Home, being typical, “It was great to meet Tim and Norma at Pulse Cinemas, find out more about the Kaleidescape story and future plans.  As home cinema builders we know that complex cinema systems are only as good as the weakest part of the system, Kaleidescape ensures that only the very best audio and video is presented to the home cinema equipment. That way the projectors, amplifiers and speakers can all shine.”

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