The Multi-Room Company is offering Dolby Atmos packages featuring speakers from THX-certified home cinema specialists Atlantic Technology, subwoofers from Earthquake and Atmos electronics from Yamaha.

The three separate packages available offered by The Multi-Room Company cater for differing customer requirements.

Beginning with the flagship 7.2.4 package (priced at under £16,000), this is centred on the Yamaha RXA3040 AV amplifier, its MX-A5000 11-channel power amplifier and the BDA1040 Blu-ray player.

Front left, right and centre channel speaker duties are performed by the THX Ultra 2 Atlantic Technology IWTS-30 loudspeakers, which features a rotatable mid/tweeter unit to maintain correct dispersion regardless of horizontal or vertical positioning.

Four IWTS-30 SR speakers, also from THX Ultra, are used for the surround and rear channels and four in-ceiling IC8.3 Tri-mode 8-in speakers make up the .4 requirements of Dolby Atmos.

Low frequency energy is provided by two Earthquake Mini Me P12 subwoofers, each boasting a 12-in powered driver, 12-in passive radiator, 600W of digital amplification and a low frequency response down to 18Hz.

The second package (priced at £7,800) is a 7.1.2 custom installation solution using the Yamaha RXA2040 Dolby Atmos AV amplifier and BDS677 Blu-ray player coupled to Atlantic Technology’s THX Ultra 2 IWTS-155 left, centre, right speakers and four IWTS 14SR surround speakers.

Two 6-in diameter in-ceiling speakers – the IC6.3 Tri-mode model – are utilised for the .2 channels. Earthquake’s Mini Me P10 subwoofer, with its 600W amplifier, 10-in bass driver and 10-in passive radiator provides substantial low frequency reinforcement.

Meanwhile, package three is a £6,600 5.1.4 system aimed at the user who wants a stand-alone solution that doesn’t require any structural work to be done to the room.

For this, four Atlantic Technology THX Select Certified 4400LR floorstanding speakers provide the front left, right and rear channels, with the centre channel duties handled by the dedicated 4400C.

The .4 channels are catered for by Atlantic Technology 44DA Dolby Atmos upward firing speakers.

Low frequency is provided by Earthquake courtesy of a Mini Me P10 subwoofer and Yamaha’s RXA2040 Dolby Atmos AV amplifier. A BDS677 Blu-ray provides the signal processing and high definition image.

“Our unique product offering of Atlantic Technology, Earthquake and Yamaha puts us in a position to create Dolby Atmos home cinema packages that provide solutions for a number of end user requirements,” comments Mike Bonnette, The Multi-Room Company’s product director, who configured the packages in conjunction with the company’s home cinema specialist Matt Statham.

“With these three packages we have catered for most customer needs, from the retro-fit solution that doesn’t need any structural alterations, right up to the THX specification flagship offering. Dolby Atmos is the latest must-have for home cinema enthusiasts and movie lovers and we are confident that in conjunction with our retailers and installers we have catered for their needs.”

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