Sanus is launching the WSBWM1 Universal Extendable Soundbar Mount to maximise the audio performance of Dolby Atmos equipped soundbars.

“Dolby Atmos is a fantastic way of enhancing the movie experience, but one which is often hampered by the physical positioning of the soundbar under the TV,” says Dean Carroll, Sanus International Sales Director, Consumer. 

“This newly designed mount overcomes this issue by enabling the soundbar to be pulled forward of the front lip of the screen, therefore allowing the up-firing speakers to perform as designed and unhindered.”

The WSBWM1 is designed to be screwed to the wall beneath the TV and can be mounted on dry-wall, stud-work or solid walls using the included fittings. Its soundbar attachment options include the ability to fix to soundbars with rear threaded screw holes, keyhole slots or underside screw holes.

Once attached to the wall, the soundbar will appear to float under the TV to provide a sleek, modern look. The design of the mount enables post-installation height and level adjustments to be made to fine tune the positioning. 

The extendable nature of the mount permits an amount of left/right swivel and, most importantly for Atmos equipped soundbars, it allows the soundbar to be pulled forward from the TV, enabling the height channel speakers to project sound to the ceiling.

Installation is designed to be straightforward using comprehensive instructions and a mounting kit. It reportedly takes approximately 15 minutes to follow a simple three-step process. 

Once mounted on the wall there is easy access to power and cable management, to enable the home entertainment system to be up and running quickly. The mount will hold soundbars weighing up to 9kg.

The Sanus WSBWM1 Universal Soundbar Mount is available in the UK now and EU countries from mid-January for £59.99 inc. VAT / €69.99 inc. VAT.

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