New from Loewe Technology is a unique package for home cinema enthusiasts consisting of two premium home cinema sets, delivering a plethora of features and detailed signature Loewe sound from just a single source. 

The Loewe home.cinema set 553 and Loewe home.cinema set 531 expands the brand’s audio portfolio while offering a discounted rate for the full collection. 

The new home.cinema sets offer immersive 3D cinema sound through upward-firing integrated speakers in the soundbar. The 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos home.cinema sets each include the Loewe klang bar5 mr, the Loewe klang sub5 subwoofer, and the Loewe klang mr5, Loewe klang mr3 or Loewe klang mr1 multi-room speakers. 

The four Loewe klang mr wireless active speakers are pre configured as surround speakers and increase the total music output to 1,160 watts for the home.cinema set 531, and 1,360 watts for the home.cinema set 553. 

Boasting both premium performance and unrivalled versatility, both sets can be retrofitted with larger surround speakers or wirelessly expanded with an additional subwoofer with latency-free Loewe Wireless Digital Audiolink (WDAL 2.0) technology. In addition to its various channels, the Loewe home.cinema sets can also be integrated entirely into a multi-room audio system with DTS Play-Fi, Apple Airplay or Google Cast. 

The new Loewe home.cinema sets are also the perfect basis for a multiroom audio system which is expandable to the entire home. This allows music to be streamed to the Loewe klang bar5 mr from a smartphone or tablet (Apple iOS or Google Android), from Spotify and many other sources via WLAN with DTS Play-Fi, Apple AirPlay or Google Cast. 

From the Loewe klang bar5 mr, the music can be distributed to additional Loewe klang mr speakers within the home network with an unlimited number of rooms and zones. This is also possible with TV content, such as music videos, both via the home.cinema set and lip-sync via the klang mr speakers in other rooms. 

All Loewe audio products are characterised by high-quality and carefully selected materials, and the components in the two cinema sets are no different. They are designed to fit seamlessly into any interior space with their minimalist aesthetic, combination of rounded and sharp edges and subtle material additions such as glass covered control panels on each component. 

The Loewe home.cinema set 531 consists of the Loewe klang bar5 mr soundbar, the Loewe klang sub5 subwoofer, the Loewe klang mr3 and Loewe klang mr1 two multiroom speakers and the Loewe remote klang mr remote-control. 

The Loewe home.cinema set 553 comes with the same soundbar Loewe klang bar5 mr, the subwoofer Loewe klang sub5 but instead has the Loewe klang mr5 and Loewe klang mr3 multiroom speakers and the remote-control Loewe remote klang mr. 

Both sets are available from authorised retailers as of now. Recommended retail prices are £3,399 for the Loewe home.cinema set 531 and £3,999 for the Loewe home.cinema set 553. 

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