Studio Connections is hoping that installers opt for its cables when audio quality is of upmost importance, with the company promising ‘human voices that are reproduced as clear and as present as when it was recorded and delivered with the same emotion and intimacy with which it was sung’.

While that’s a big claim to make, Studio Connections believes that its latest platinum series digital interconnects are up to the task.

The line-up is being billed as a professional series of cables for the home that has adopted a whole new way of thinking when it comes to design and manufacture.

Studio Connections believes that through its extensive research into the perception of sound and stereo imagery, it has come up with the ideal cable for audio purposes.

Matt Colton of Alchemy Mastering, London, notes: “Studio Connections cable provides a clear step forward in both the analogue and digital domain from anything else I have heard.

“The degree of realism and connection to the music that is achieved by using these cables is incredible.

“On one recording, just by changing the cable runs, all of a sudden it sounded like the drummer was in the room with us.”

Studio Connections’ platinum digital cable promises to deliver audio data virtually free of timing distortion, to allow full stereo image projection and a more natural character in voice and instruments.

It will come at a price though – as every metre of the cable is expected to retail for around £1,350.

Each cable is hand-made in the UK, with XLR or RCA connections available

Tested sample rates include 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz and 352.8kHz, while the overall cable dimensions should be 18mm maximum width and 8mm breadth.

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