Chord Company is set to demonstrate its very latest technologies and introduce a brand new Tuned ARAY technology digital interconnect at this weekend’s North West Audio Show, Cheshire.

Chord Company will be showcasing the benefits of its unique Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY conductor technologies, its proprietary Taylon and XLPE insulation materials, plus the specialist’s advanced shielding materials, using a selection of premium products from its AV cable, mains power product and noise-isolation ranges, including those from English Electric.

Visitors can experience two Chord Company areas: there will be musical demonstrations in the Nobel Room, plus expert factory staff on hand in the main entrance lounge area.

The North West Audio Show has also been selected to unveil a brand new Tuned ARAY technology interconnect, designed to maximise performance from today’s digital sources.

In addition, the maker will have special show offers and exclusive competition prizes (for demo attendees) throughout the weekend.

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