The embodiment of Sony’s Life Space UX ethos and the first step in realising this vision, the LSPX-W1S 4K ultra short throw projector turns unused spaces into a wall-sized high resolution ‘entertainment windows’.

Embracing the use of laser light sources over Xenon lamps, the projector uses a laser light source, enabling it to reach peak brightness quicker than conventional projector lamps, reportedly lasting up to 10 times longer.

When placed at the foot of a wall, the projector can cast a 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution (four times the clarity of Full HD) 147in image, allowing films and sports events to be viewed at a grand scale.

CE Pro Europe caught up with Thomas Issa, product manager Europe at Sony for a quick fire Q&A on the new laser light source projector.

Exactly what is the LSPX-W1S is and what does it do?

“The LSPX-W1S 4K ultra short projector is a new concept which brings together state of the art technology and sleek design to transform living rooms into enriching visual environments,” says Thomas.

“Craftsmanship is a very important aspect of the product. Each model is handmade in Japan and takes between two and three weeks to produce. Designed by Yusuke Tsujita, the LSPX-W1S brings empty walls to life with engaging visual pictures, whether that be film or television content or artwork.”

Take us through the product from a technical point of view

“The LSPX-W1S concept is like no other product that has been before it,” he states.

“It is a beautiful piece of luxury design and technology that brings incredible 4K imaging to the home. The product uses a special ultra-short throw lens that delivers a perfect 147in picture directly to the wall from as little as half a metre away. Thanks to its cutting-edge lamp less laser technology, the product boasts a long life with instant power on/off capabilities, saving on energy and emitting any unwanted heat. Ultimately, the LSPX-W1S combines the best of TV with the best of the projector.”

How do installers get their hands on it?

“We are currently working on details regarding distribution and will share more information soon.”

How easy is it to install?

“The projector is easy to install and operate and fits any architectural environment. With its unique feature of projecting from the foot of a wall, it doesn’t require any installation construction, unlike previous conventional projectors,” he explains.

“Users can also enjoy an uninterrupted experience as the intelligent setup means that shadows aren’t cast over the projected image.”

What particular type of customer can installers target with this product?

“Installers can target those customers who are looking for the very best blend of design and technology on the market,” he advises.

“It also appeals to those interested in design, as the product can easily be integrated within the home décor.”

Is there training/technical support available on the product?

“This will be available on Sony Professional’s website when the product is available to purchase in the UK. For more information, contact”

For consumers looking for full customisation based on 4K SXRD laser light source technology as well as ultra-short throw technology, the compact VPL-GTZ1 projector is also available.

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