Recent rumours suggesting Sky could be prepping an update to its guide that focuses on movies have proven true, after the company revealed a new feature that will recommend similar films to those already watched.

Sky has yet to reveal its 4K set top box, but those with Sky+HD will be able to take advantage of this guide update.

This is the third update Sky has made to Sky+ this year, in what many industry pundits claim is part of the company’s efforts to make the interface more user friendly, like Netflix.

As part of this update a new option will be displayed under film titles in the ‘On Demand’ section of the guide, which can be activated by pressing the yellow button on the Sky remote.

This feature is called ‘more like this’, and if pressed on an option like Ice Age you may get suggestions such as Frozen or The Box Trolls.

If several films take the user’s fancy, Sky is also rolling out a ‘watchlist’ feature. This will act as a playlist to centralise all the movies and TV programmes that are of interest.

Finally, Sky is enabling subscribers to rewind films playing on one of its live movie channels, such as Sky Movies Disney.

This will work by downloading the beginning of the film to the set top box; allowing users to watch it in its entirety, even if they switched to the channel late.

Sky says that the update has begun its roll out and will be available to everyone by later in the autumn.

The company will also be adding Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings by the end of the year, giving users a quick glance as to what critics thought of the films in Sky’s library.

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