Screen Excellence has announced that its screens are available within home theatre design software, The Cinema Designer’s (TCD) manufacturer database. The company’s network of dealers and installers can now design technically accurate home cinemas and media rooms in minutes specifying the maker’s acoustically transparent screens at the heart of their installations.

TCD was created to help installers to quickly produce comprehensive installation support documents within minutes rather than hours or even days using a cloud-based design tool that allows users to design any dedicated cinema or media room. The service also produces support documents and aesthetic renders including creating a 3D CAD drawing for any room in under 30 seconds. TCD specifies the precise location of the loudspeakers, screen, seating, projector, provides amplification and processor requirements, acoustic treatments and calculates the RT60 value.

A Screen Excellence Reference 180in screen is easily spec’d into an entire room design using TCD, says the manufacturer.

“Screen Excellence is a very well-respected brand with a great reputation,” comments TCD MD, Guy Singleton. “Cinema screens are incredibly technical and are a crucial part of any theatre design, so we are very proud to have such a well-engineered brand within our manufacturer database.”

“We are delighted to have Screen Excellence fully represented in The Cinema Designer,” adds Patrice Congard, CEO Screen Excellence. “This innovative software is a real game-changer; such a smart concept to support custom installers when designing home cinemas. Congratulations to Guy Singleton and his team.”

TCD is also offering all Screen Excellence dealers complimentary webinar training, which will guide the attendee through the cinema or media room design process.

Screen Excellence products included in the TCD platform

Screen Excellence’s Reference, Contrast, Slim, FullScreen, VistaCurve, True Aspect Masking (TAM 2L), True Aspect Masking (TAM 2TB), True Aspect Masking (TAM 1), True Aspect Masking (TAM 2FC), Absolute, 4-Way True Aspect Masking (TAM 4), Retractable Motorised AT (RM2-T), Retractable Solid Tensioned Screens (RST) and Multi Format Retractable Motorised Tensioned AT Screen (MFR) home theatre screens are available in TCD.


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