Rdio is taking on a key feature of Apple Music by making over 500 radio stations available to subscribers.

Apple Music launched Beats 1 to diversify itself from other streaming services by offering live, curated music to millions of people around the world.

While Spotify and other streaming services all offer a radio feature, they typically use computer algorithms to determine what users may enjoy, Beats 1 changed this by offering a radio station more akin to traditional radio with live DJs.

Now Rdio is following in Apple’s footsteps, but rather than launching its own radio station it is utilising over 500 stations already popular with its users.

Despite Apple Music’s implementation coming first, Rdio always had plans to add live radio stations; after all the company received a large investment from terrestrial radio company Cumulus.

Now Cumulus’ 500-plus radio stations are finally making their debut on Rdio and will be available inside the App on Android and iOS.

Music, talk and sports radio will be found within the App, giving users access to whatever they’re in the mood for.

So how is Rdio hoping to enhance the traditional radio experience? Well, the company has plans to make the radio stations interactive – allowing users to download tracks currently playing directly to their phone, share it with a friend, or add it to a playlist.

Radio streaming Apps are already big, iHeartRadio has been downloaded tens of millions of times in the US and TuneIn has done equally well all over the globe.

Rdio will also get much needed promotion, as Cumulus stations have all promised to promote the App on air with significant frequency – meaning the streaming service could one day have the potential of toppling Apple Music or even Spotify.

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