Netflix is finally rolling out support for HDR content, with the company revealing that customers should now be able to access select content in either HDR 10 or Dolby Vision.

While Netflix is a big proponent of Dolby Vision, the streaming service is keen not to leave anyone out; which is why HDR 10, the standard that is available on most TVs currently, is also supported.

HDR support is already available on a plethora of TVs in the UK, including sets from Sony, Samsung, Philips and Panasonic. Those wanting Dolby Vision however have just a single option; LG.

Currently Netflix is streaming HDR content to Sony TVs before rolling out to any other sets. For those with Sony TVs that support the technology however the HDR content is currently limited. While VUDU has a whole range of Dolby Vision content, the only HDR-compatible content on Netflix currently is Marco Polo.

In fact, Netflix has yet to announce a single piece of third-party HDR content for its platform, with it admitting that the next piece of content available in HDR will be Marvel’s Daredevil, another Netflix Original TV series.

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