JVC, the brand that arguably began a revolution in home cinema by showing that a household name could not only produce a high-quality home cinema projector, but at a new kind of price range, is back with a new projector line-up.

Before JVC began its relationship with the home cinema sector, the market was mostly dominated by more expensive specialist brands, however what JVC provided was a new category offering keener price points, but still backed with a decent level of performance.

The company has built on this reputation over the past two decades and the latest incarnations offer three new models and a limited-edition marking 20 years of the technology all launched at the recent IFA show in Berlin.

JVC’s proprietary D-ILA device has been continually developed down the years in particular to deliver both high luminance and high definition.

After developing the SXGA (1.3 megapixel) type in October 1997, JVC also first developed a 4K resolution D-ILA device in 2000. From there onwards, developing 0.7 in full HD device in 2006 and realising the world’s smallest 0.69in 4K device in 2016, JVC’s D-ILA device has accumulated mass production performance for many years and continued to pursue its path of miniaturisation and high contrast.

This year, JVC introduces D-ILA projectors LA-X9900BE, DLA-X7900B/WE, DLA-X5900B/WE compatible with 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) planned to be released in October. In addition, the special model DLA-20LTD is being planned, with no firm release date confirmed as yet.

This series also includes full use of the latest D-ILA device, but also uses 4K e-shift5 image enhancement technology which boosts non-4K to reproduce powerful images no matter what the source. In addition, JVC says the HDR function has been improved to enjoy the full merit of that technology as well.

Beam, by beam breakdown

The 4K/HDR compatible DLA-X9900BE, DLA-X7900B/WE, and X5900B/WE offer the very latest version of e-shift technology which enhances non-4K content up to the new standard as well as refining content that is already in 4K.

JVC says the new algorithm improves the precision of 4K reproduction and reduces image artefacts at the same time.

These projectors also introduce HDR JVC2, a ‘dynamic’ HDR function which helps when trying to reproduce the PQ curve adopted by HDR10 on a projector.

In addition to the Auto Switching HDR Picture mode and the gamma adjustment function that can flexibly adjust the image according to the viewing environment, for DLA-X9900BE and DLA-X7900B/WE models there are two colour profiles, one prioritising brightness and the other colour.

A max brightness of 2,000 lm (DLA-X9900BE), and contrast ratios up to 160,000:1 (DLA-X9900BE), together with the use of intelligent lens aperture which can now be active for HDR content, JVC says viewers can really begin to see the impact of HDR.

Also to help in adjusting the projector, the mastering information (MaxCLL / FALL) included in HDR content such as UHD Blu-ray, will be shown on the OSD information screen.

Also with these new models comes a Low Latency Mode that reduces the frame delay, good for gamers, but which also has benefit for processing high bandwidth signals such as 4K10bit, 12bit etc. directly and without compression.

The machines also offer full specification 4K video inputs compatible with 18Gbps transmission band such as 4K/60p 4:4:4, 4K/60p 4:2:2/36bit, 4K/24p and 4:4:4/36bit. Inputs also support HDCP 2.2, enabling playback of copyright-protected content such as video distribution service and UHD Blu-ray.

Other features include continued support for 3D with THX 3D display standard (DLA-X9900BE, DLA-X7900B/WE) as well as two blur reduction technologies, Clear Motion Drive which is compatible up to 4K/60p 4:4:4 video signals and Motion Enhance which drives the D-ILA device.

The line-up also offers Auto Calibration Function that optimises image quality under various installation conditions and also compensates for the changing colour balance in long-term projector usage.

There is also a Screen Adjustment Mode which corrects the colour balance that can differ between various screen characteristics.

Accessories currently available include for 3D viewing; RF emitter PK‐EM2, RF glasses PK‐EM3 as well as a spare lamp (PK‐L2615U).

The limited production model (DLA-20LTD) adopts red as the main body colour (JVC’s corporate colour) and offers several special features including native contrast ratio of 200,000:1, achieved via hand selected top performing D-ILA devices and optical parts.

Details on pricing will follow.

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