Just Add Power, specialist in HD over IP video distribution, is letting show goers check out its new 2G+AVPro transmitter and receiver models at ISE.

Thanks to having a licensed Dolby DSP chipset on board, the AVPro transmitters allow integrators to get 2.0 channel stereo audio at all stereo zones and 5.1 multi-channel audio at every multi-channel zone simultaneously.

AVPro transmitters also boast fresh audio features that are particularly useful for video conferencing and paging applications.

Whereas the 2G/2G+ transmitters can only send one audio format at a time, the Dolby DSP chipset on board the AVPro transmitters transforms Dolby 5.1 audio to Dolby PLII format and sends it over the network. 

The Dolby PLII format is recognised as Stereo 2.0 audio by regular HDMI devices, but an AVR in a multi-channel audio zone is able to recognise the Dolby PLII and convert it back to 5.1.

The result is that you simultaneously get 2.0 stereo audio in all stereo zones and 5.1 in all multi-channel zones.

Just Add Power says this results in no fiddling with EDID settings or the need for additional signal management, as can be the case with fixed format video matrixes.

This mixed mode audio format works on all the 2G/2G+/2G+AVPro receivers running firmware A5.30 or later, so integrators do not have to pair AVPro receivers with AVPro transmitters in order to receive the benefits of the Dolby DSP chipset.

The 2G+AVPro transmitters and receivers are backwards compatible with all the other 2G and 2G+ models, allowing integrators to implement the AVPro features only where needed without having to replace the entire system with AVPro models.

Additionally the AVPro transmitters have an integrated audio mixer on board, which allows the three audio inputs (HDMI, Stereo, and Mic) to be independently mixed / muted via a control system.

Both the AVPro transmitter and receiver models have a variable audio output on the stereo out port that can be adjusted up or down via a control system.

Ed Qualls, CEO of Just Add Power, says: “With HDMI over IP being used in a multitude of applications, installers want the ability to add and extract audio for paging, injecting and distributing analogue audio.

“Installers are also increasingly requesting audio extraction for integrating with video conferencing systems. The 2G+AVPro HD over IP solutions deliver all of this requested functionality whilst adding Dolby certification and an IP controlled variable analogue audio-out, giving a true down mix from HDMI Dolby audio to stereo analogue with easy control.”

2G+AVPro complete feature set

• Supports lossless 1080p video
• Video Wall support- integrate anything from 2×2 to a 16×16 video wall within the HD over IP network of devices.
• Support for Stereo 2.0 and Dolby 5.1.
• Dolby DSP chipset on-board TX enables simultaneous Stereo and Multi-Channel audio from a HDMI source.
• HDMI audio, Line input and Mic input on TX
• IP controlled Variable Analog audio output with delay adjustment (up to 170ms)
• HDMI pass-through on TX
• RS232 (two-way) over IP
• CEC over IP (two-way)
• USB 2.0 over IP
• PoE TX and RX models available
• Image Push: push one or multiple JPEGS onto the receivers. This image can then shown during system downtime as opposed to a blank screen.
• Image Pull: pull a JPEG from the receivers for live image feedback
• Image Pause: freeze the video on one or more receivers whilst the other receivers continue to show the live video content.
• Custom On Screen Messaging: set up a customised error message on any or all of the HD over IP devices on the network during downtime.

Just Add Power is exclusively available to purchase in the UK and Ireland from HD Connectivity Group


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