There’s no doubt that virtual reality is likely to stick around for a bit this time around, but it seems some games aren’t exactly suited for VR. Grand Theft Auto is one of these games, with the creator of the VR mod for the game being disgusted about how it made him feel.

Modder Joseph Delgado created a mod for GTA: V which allowed him to don some VR goggles and be in the action. He also enabled gesture-tracking so his real-life hand movements were translated in-game.

What came next Joseph wasn’t exactly expecting. “My mouth dropped the first time I shot someone in my GTA: V VR setup,” he writes on his blog. “I’m really not sure about this. I feel horrible about making this. You actually feel guilty.”

Grand Theft Auto is probably not the ideal game to play in VR, unless you’re someone keen on murdering someone without any consequences. While playing through a TV is absolutely fine, as it detaches you from the action, virtual reality does the exact opposite; the goal of VR is to make you feel as if you’re in the game.

Despite feeling sick whilst playing, Joseph says that he will continue developing the mod to allow other players to get the same experience. Of course, while Grand Theft Auto allows players to go on a ‘digital rampage’ it also offers a whole range of other experiences – including the ability to fly a plane, drive cars, attend a strip club or escape a five star wanted level. With those other experiences in mind, Grand Theft Auto could be the perfect game to live out a player’s ultimate fantasy from within a virtual world.

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