D-Tools has partnered with Modus VR to provide integrators with the opportunity to include virtual reality walk-throughs of project designs in their D-Tools Cloud client proposals. 

Modus360 software adds another sales component to D-Tools’ business management solution, helping dealers land more jobs and keep all stakeholders – systems integrators, designers, architects, builders and homeowners – actively engaged with and collaborating on the project. 

Designs come to life in immersive, 360 views, helping customers envision the end-results and enabling dealers to experience device locations, furniture arrangements, etc. Modus360 landscapes can now be output and embedded in D-Tools Cloud proposals, making it easy for integrators and end-users to access.

“One of the most exciting aspects of an integrator’s role is helping customers envision how their homes will look when keypads, AV equipment, lighting, and other technologies have been added. Dealers who use Modus360 can now bring that immersive experience to their D-Tools Cloud proposals,” says Tim Bigoness, CMO of D-Tools. “Modus VR adds an interactive component to dealers’ sales strategies that’s easy to add to a D-Tools proposal and helps land more deals.”  

To promote the natural synergy between D-Tools business management software and Modus VR design software, the two companies will host joint webinars, participate together in trade shows, conferences and other industry events and will collaborate on sales and marketing efforts. 

“This exciting collaboration brings together Modus VR’s cutting-edge virtual reality-based Design Tools and D-Tools’ renowned proposal solutions, creating a powerful combination that is set to make waves in the CEDIA channel,” says Ken Brueck, Co-founder of Modus VR

“AV integrators and their clients can look forward to a streamlined design and proposal process that will undoubtedly enhance project efficiency and client experiences.”

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