It looks like Runco is finally dead. The pioneering home theatre projector manufacturer, founded by Sam Runco in 1987, appears to be getting out of the projector business. And as that business goes, so goes the famous brand.

Runco was acquired by Planar, a commercial display manufacturer, in 2007. As Runco was built on personality as much as product, Planar promised to continue with the famous Runco conferences and parties previously hosted by Runco and his wife Lori.

But the Runco vibe was never the same and Runco slowly lost its cachet. Now it’s losing its flagship projectors.

Just six months after Chinese LED manufacturer Leyard acquired Planar, the company has announced a phase-out of Runco projectors.

Here’s the memo that just went out to Runco dealers and reps:

The Runco Price List has been updated and you will notice that all Runco projectors are now listed as “limited availability.”  Our pioneering efforts once focused on projection are now directed to new breakthroughs in video wall technology and flat panel displays, categories in which many of you have been very successful.

We expect availability on most models for the coming months, but all orders and product configurations are subject to availability.  As always, we encourage our dealers to place orders immediately to ensure delivery for upcoming projects.

We will continue to honour our warranty commitments on previous and future sales, stock and sell service parts, and offer out-of-warranty support, as we do today.  We look forward to seeing our customers and their clients through the transition of the market to new display technologies.  For more information about the Runco line-up or for product details, see

RIP, Runco.

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