According to the survey from, fast broadband is now an essential requirement for 85% of people searching for a new property. In a separate recent study from Rightmove, it was claimed a lack of quality Internet service could knock as much as 20% off the price of a home.

In the survey 60% of people said they had their Sky or Virgin Box connected to allow the full features of the service with 80% of people surveyed also having at least one tablet connected to their home Wi-Fi.

92% of people surveyed also stated their phone was connected to their home Wi-Fi which might explain the low requirement of having a 3G signal. Just 63% of consumers said a 3G phone signal is an essential requirement in their property.

With the average TV viewer watching close to four hours of TV each day, space for a large TV is high on the shopping list when searching for a new property. 57% of people surveyed identified that space for a large TV in the lounge is essential, with a further 9% saying they also require this also in the bedroom.

Property Expert Russell Quirk, CEO of says: “Many years ago the fireplace was the focal point of most people’s lounge, but those days a long gone. Property buyers now want space for their entertainment hub, most notably the large flatscreen TV.”


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