DTS:X has followed in the footsteps of Dolby Atmos by offering its 3D audio format on mobile devices and through headphones.

Can you hear the difference though? DTS:X has released a comparison test for those wanting to experience DTS:Headphones X.

Following a partnership with chipset manufacturer MediaTek, DTS:X is set to show up in a variety of smartphones released in 2016 and 2017 – expanding the format’s reach and possibly the availability of content.

While MediaTek does not quite have the dominance in the mobile industry as its competitor Qualcomm, which coincidentally supports Dolby Atmos in some of its newer chips, the company’s processors tend to cost less.

Unfortunately, MediaTek’s partner portfolio is not as widespread as Qualcomm’s, meaning DTS:X will have to rely on its standing in the home theatre space; Acer and Huawei are likely to be the biggest names using MediaTek’s Helio X20, the only one that supports DTS:X.

For those who do acquire a smartphone touting DTS:X quality sound, the company says that its technology “offers an authentic immersive 3D sound experience through any pair of headphones or earbuds to fully transport consumers into the games, movies and music they are enjoying on their smartphones.”

“In addition, system-level integration of DTS Headphone:X technology allows users to easily access the technology’s features with any and all applications on their phones directly from the system settings menu.”

Unlike Dolby Atmos, which is supported by a wide variety of films, DTS:X is still in its infancy. There are still a few titles around for people to enjoy however, including Ex Machina and The Last Witch Hunter. DTS:X has also been praised in the industry for being less restrictive in its set-up than Dolby Atmos.

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